Vehicle Dynamics Simulator

One way the VDG helps you finish first is by testing with our in house MTS Vehicle Dynamic Simulator, or commonly referred to as a shake rig or 7-post. Using the simulator, the engineers at Öhlins USA can efficiently and effectively analyze and optimize your vehicle’s performance and help you obtain a better understanding of your vehicle. The results are instant and summarized in spreadsheets and plots that do not require an engineering degree to understand. At the simulator, a “lap” can be repeated hundreds of times to evaluate changes without the influence of changing conditions, such as that of the track, weather or tires and for only a fraction of the cost of on track testing. Another advantage is that testing is performed without logging any run time on the engine, drivetrain, tires etc. We are willing to help regardless of which brand of dampers you use. The simulator is available to rent for $5400 per day, but check here for any discounts we may be having.

Tireless testing is now available.

Performing tireless testing replicates a rolling tire better and the repeatability of the test is improved. This has also proved popular since race type tires are harder to get in some series.


To schedule a test give us a call or email:
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