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Welcome to Öhlins USA service department

How do you keep your Öhlins suspension working at its optimal performance?

Servicing your suspension is an important part of maintaining its performance and protecting your investment.

Oil and wear items in your suspension need replacing, just like your car engine needs an oil change. This way your suspension will continue to perform as designed.

Suspension Services

Öhlins USA offers the opportunity to have your suspension serviced at our facilities to our Factory Standards by our highly experienced and factory trained technicians. Our experienced Race Department staff works directly with our service technicians to allow us to offer the latest performance updates.

How do you send your suspension to Öhlins USA for service?

  • Go to the service page tab that corresponds to your product (Motorcycle, Auto or MTB).
  • Verify our terms, conditions and pricing.
  • Fill out all fields and submit the service order request form.
  • Your request will then generate an email with instructions for you to print the service form to include with your product.

What happens when arrives?

  • Once received, your suspension will be inspected and entered in the system. A member of our team will contact you via email and/or phone to confirm turnaround time, pricing details and discuss any necessary work details. This will insure a faster turnaround time.
  • Our technicians will inspect your suspension and you will be contacted to discuss any personalized settings or issues (I.E. damaged or excessively worn parts and the applicable additional charges) before proceeding with the service.
  • Your suspension will be returned to our queue and serviced within the discussed time frame.

When will it be returned to you?

  • When ready, we will complete the payment transaction as necessary and ship your product back.
  • You will receive an email invoice in which all the technical notes of the job performed will be included as well as any technician notes of personalized settings and/or recommendations based on your application and needs.

Please Note

Servicing of products to Factory Standards is in relation to exchanging seals and oil/gas only. All other items outside of the parts included in the Factory Service are in addition to that and will be charged separately ( I.E: bushings, shafts, cylinder tubes etc.). We recommend you follow the service intervals recommendations set by Öhlins to avoid wear of parts besides designed wear items.


For questions regarding Öhlins suspension service please contact our Service Team.


Motorcycle Service
Motorcycle Service

Automotive Service
Automotive Service

Mountain Bike Service
Mountain Bike Service



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