Automotive Suspension Service

Öhlins USA services are performed by our highly experienced and factory trained technicians to Factory Service Standards to ensure the best suspension performance.

What is included in the Factory Service?

  • Factory Service:  The product will be disassembled to inspect all components for wear.  Measurements will be taken to verify tolerances meet factory specifications.
  • The customer will be notified of any repair outside the scope of Factory Service.
  • All standard wear parts will be replaced.
  • The product will be assembled and dyno tested to verify factory quality functionality and performance.

Not included:  Additional parts needed for repair that are not included in the standard Factory Service parts. Examples include shafts, damper tubes, springs, etc.
**An updated estimate will be provided for approval if expected costs exceed 15% of the original estimate.

Please note: 

  • If products are overly dirty when they arrive for service, a $20 fee will be charged for the extra time spent cleaning them.
  • A $60 diagnostic fee will be charged for each item if service and/or repairs are declined. Suspension may be disassembled for inspection/estimate.
  • Coilovers sent in with springs and/or top hats will be charged a $20 fee for spring disassembly and reassembly to required specifications.
  • Remove any OEM sensors or parts prior to sending your suspension in for service. Ohlins USA is not responsible for any damage that may occur in shipping, or during service.

ÖHLINS Automotive Factory Service Pricing
Road & Track  
Single strut $275 - $460+
Single damper $215+
Road &Track DFV Kits  
Kits containing 4 dampers $860+
Kits containing 2 struts and 2 dampers $1290+
Kits containing 4 struts  $1775+
Single Tube (per damper)  
STJ $275+
MCJ / WCJ / LMJ / LMP $230+
S46 E $225+
S46 D / P / H $285+
S36 E $224+
S36 D / P / H $244+
Twin Tube (per damper)  
TTX36P / ILX36 $315+
TTX40 MKII $485+
TTX46 MKII $565 / $845
TTR 12mm / 14mm shaft Contact us
TPX Rally / TTX44 Rally / Flow Contact us
Revalve and Other Services  
Revalve Single Tube - Labor only (per damper) $88 stand alone / $66 with service
Revalve TTX - Labor only (per damper) $77 stand alone / $55 with service
Custom Revalve - Labor only $110 /hour
ÖHLINS Top Hat Rebuild $160+
Strut bushing and scraper replacement (per strut) $95 - $185


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