FDK 106 Mini Cartridge Kit


FDK 106 - for 2016-2020 Kawasaki Z125

Mini Cartridge Kit

Mini Cartridge Kit FDK 106


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Please select a spring, or contact our experts at ohlins_us_info@driv.com for setup advice.

Required springs are out of stock. Please contact our experts at ohlins_us_info@driv.com to process a backorder.

Required Items:

Item Part Number Price
SpringsIncluded in kit.
Mounting tool FDK 106 60000-06 $79.00

Out of Stock

Fork Oil - 1L 01309-01 $33.99
Grease Packet U00349-01 $8.99
Mini Cartridge Kit FDK 106 $289.00 FDK 106 is currently out of stock

Improved handling, cornering and braking are immediately noticed. Full maintenance capability with alternative spring rates available as an accessory part. Spring rate 6,0 N/mm compared to the standard 5,5 N/mm. Öhlins recommends the use of Öhlins suspension fluid R&T 01309-01 for this product. The cartidge kit is easily installed into the standard fork legs after first removing the standard fork kit, but Öhlins always recommends having this installation done by an authorized Öhlins center.

  • Proven Öhlins damping technology
  • Developed for the Honda MSX
  • Springs included
  • Compression insert
  • Rebound insert
  • Replacement Öhlins top caps
  • Higher performance rate springs

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Recommended settings for FDK 106 with a N/mm spring. ()

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Solo With Luggage

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Two Up With Luggage

Setup your FDK 106 to ride .

  1. Verify spring. These instructions only apply to a N/mm spring, Öhlins part number .
  2. Adjust preload collar to . This is the equivalent to of preload on the spring.
  3. Adjust preload collar any time your load changes.
spring help

Ongoing service and maintainance is key to maintaining your suspension. Öhlins USA makes this easy.

Öhlins USA authorized service centers span the nation.

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Öhlins USA also services everything we sell in house.

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