U00400-33 Fork/Shock Package



Fork/Shock Package
Fork/Shock Package for Ibis OSO 2023


RXF38 m.2(170mm) Fork/TTX22 m.2 Shock Package*


Performance to match.
Let’s cut to the chase, mixing suspension brands isn’t going to cut it. Equipping one end of your bike with Öhlins will only highlight the weaknesses of the end lacking it. You will notice it. It will eat at you. So we have made it easy to make the correct choice from the get-go: Get up to 20% off with our packaged fork and shock deals. Unlock your bike’s potential with the matching Swedish gold on both ends.

Coil curious? Bolt on the iconic TTX22m.2 coil shock and find out what distilled magic from 280 Swedish engineers rides like: A perfect balance of grip, comfort, and support that transforms any ride into the sublime.

  • Don’t drown in settings! Leave the anxiety clicks to nerds. Enjoy the ride knowing our engineers have already optimized the valving, leaving just enough adjustments to fine tune your ride, ensuring you will never end up with a dysfunctional tune.  
  • Yoke-approved, bulletproof design. Born into DH racing a decade ago, the TTX had unreasonably high strength and reliability benchmarks to exceed. And they did, which is why our coil shock is the only one recommended for installation onto suspension designs utilizing a yoke, which places high side loads onto dampers. Our shafts laugh at the bending loads that crumple lesser shocks.

If you can’t stomach the added weight and fixed rate of a coil spring, we have some good news! The sublime ride provided by our TTX technology is now available with an air spring; the TTX Air. A simple name hides an exciting ride. We have balanced the “poppiness” of an air spring with the stability of a coil damper. You can truly have it all —a bike that can conquer the techiest climbs, jib off all trail features, and go heel-down through the worst rock gardens without missing a beat.

  • Wide range of air volume spacers available to fine-tune the ride characteristics.
  • Damping balanced to the specific needs of an air spring.
  • The TTX Air 2, named for its double air cans, offers a large volume air spring and advanced damping optimized for stability on long travel bikes with progressive leverage curves.
  • The TTX Air 1, named for its single air can, offers a smaller volume air spring and advanced damping optimized for a lively ride on shorter travel bikes with flatter, less progressive leverage curves.
  • Side load approved. Thoroughly tested to perform under the demands of yoke-driven suspension, this air shock shines under pressure.
  • Optimized valving means less adjustments to get lost in. Taking a design cue from the TTX coil, we intentionally limit the adjusters to riders don’t get lost in the useless settings range.  

Find out what the best suspension engineers in the game have cooked up to win four UCI DH World Championship titles when you ride an Öhlins-equipped bike. The same technology powering the DH38 race fork is shared across our fork platforms, giving top performance in a lighter, more supple package.

TTX 18 damper
Believe the hype —the legendary TTX valving delivers incredible support and bump absorption in a highly adjustable package, allowing professional racers and dad-bod enthusiasts alike to push their limits.

  • TTX damping keeps you consistently higher in the travel through the perfect balance of compression and rebound force.
  • 4-position high speed compression adjuster performs like an instantaneous revalve, without all the oil and shims. Pedal mode in the furthest position for road transfers.
  • 16 position low speed compression adjuster. Fine tune the support you need through berms, rocky traverses, and steep chutes without using extra spring force.
  • 16 position rebound adjuster. We’ve eliminated the useless super slow and super fast settings to ensure riders end up with a good, safe tune.
  • Vast, verified setting bank allows revalves to suit every rider’s preference.
  • Rebuildable using standard tools and shaft clamps.

3-Chamber Air Spring
Our three chambered air spring allows ultimate control over the shape and feel of the spring, giving riders an enormous window to find the perfect setting.

  • No disassembly required: Add air to the ramp up chamber with a shock pump — no need to take out top caps and fiddle with spacers. Makes trailside tuning easy.  
  • Adjustable negative spring volume. Want more support? Add a spacer. Want more off the top suppleness? Remove one. Another Öhlins special feature
  • Cheap and easy travel changes are available by swapping $40 air tubes. Available in 90, 100, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, and 180mm increments to suite your needs.
  • Easy to rebuild. Our cartridge design means you can remove the entire air spring without taking the fork off you bike. A set of shaft clamps is all you need to perform a rebuild.

While not as exciting as the damper and spring, the chassis has received the same level of Swedish scrutiny. A proper balance of flex, stiffness, and tolerance coupled with Volvo-like strength and reliability make our CSUs the best kind of engineering — something you don’t have to think about.

  • Tuned stiffness gives you point-and-shoot steering without transmitting hand-numbing harshness.
  • Excessively tested to ensure a creak-free ride and ultimate safety.
  • Bushings are perfectly sized from the factory to ensure smooth, clunk-free operation.
  • Our widely adopted floating axle design ensures parallel fork legs for bind-free operation.


Fork/Shock Package

* image(s) may differ from actual product.

  • Fork and Shock Package
  • Matched Performance
  • Popular Applications
  • Lightest Weight with Proven “Öhlins Feel”
  • Low Speed Rebound Adjustment
  • Low Speed Compression Adjustment
  • Three Step High Speed Comp. Adjustment
  • Climb Mode
  • Race-Prove Optional Setting Bank
  • Air Spring Volume Spacers Included
  • Friction reducing Floating Axle
  • Same Travel as OE
  • Hardware Included

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