FGRT 212 Hypersport R&T 43 Fork

Featuring the race proven technology of our 30mm front fork cartridge kit, the compression and rebound damping systems are separated between the fork legs. This not only allows for superior dynamic behavior, but also for keeping the adjusters conveniently on top of each leg. The new front fork improves on rider feedback, brake support and general handling of the bike. Not to mention the exquisite styling – the FGRT 200 is a perfect design in terms of both performance and appearance.


  • Öhlins 30mm Cartridge Kit inside
  • Compression damping in one leg, rebound in the other
  • Weight and stress optimized fork bottom design
  • All adjustments at the top of the fork
  • Reduced weight
  • Proven in various racing applications
  • Available for all major Hypersport models
Hypersport R&T 43 Fork
Part Number FGRT 212
Length 740 mm
Stroke 120 mm
Spring 04744-10
MSRP $2,500.00
Notes Black outer tube. Race use only

Other parts for 2013-2014 BMW HP 4



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