The Nightmare Shows Us a Happy Dream!

June 1st 2012

Jimmy “The Newport Nightmare” Owens won it for Öhlins advanced suspension components at the spectacular, mid-season DART Show-Me 100, held in the city of Wheatland in the Show-Me State. The race was hard fought from end to end, with Owens holding out his lead to the checkered flag in front of fender-rubbing John Blankenship and Dennis Erb Jr, earning Öhlins cars two podium positions, in first and third with Owens and Erb. Owens was, and now is again, the defending champion of the Show-me 100, and staring from the pole position didn’t hinder his efforts.

It’s a top-three Öhlins sweep in points for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt season, with The Nightmare himself leading over Don “The Real Deal” O’Neal and Scott Bloomquist. 



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