ÖHLINS advanced suspension delivers superior handling that’s built for you. There’s no better way to experience the road ahead.

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Why upgrade to ÖHLINS suspension?

You’ve ridden countless miles on the open road. We’ve spent countless hours in the lab perfecting our Harley suspension so you don’t have to spend countless hours recovering when you get off the bike. Does your back ache after you ride? Do you wince every time you hit a pothole? It doesn’t have to be this way. It can be better - much better. 

Öhlins is dedicated to making your Harley perform the way it was meant to. With over 40 years of experience, we have found that keeping a motorcycle's rear tire in contact with the road not only helps your motorcycle handle better, it will drastically improve your ride quality. Focusing on superior suspension performance has been our mission since 1976 and that focus goes into every shock and pair of forks we build.

Öhlins advanced suspension products designed for Harley-Davidson deliver dramatic handling improvement over the stock suspension. With a turn of a dial, you control whether you want a plush, compliant ride for long stretches of open road, or a firmer suspension for carving through those mountain curves.

Available in 12" and 13" lengths, with multiple spring rates available, each shock is specifically sprung for the weight your bike will carry and tailored to your riding style. With Öhlins suspension, the handling dynamics of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle will transform to a ride you didn’t think possible.


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