SD 043 Hypersport Steering Damper


SD 043 - for 2015-2020 Yamaha R1M


The Öhlins Smart EC aftermarket steering damper is designed to complement the Öhlins Smart EC system equipped on the Yamaha R1M. The Smart EC software controlling for this steering damper is already pre-programmed into the Yamaha R1M’s SCU. The steering damper is controlled by the Smart EC algorithms and reacts on speed as well as acceleration.

 Continuously changing the damping settings in real time to suit the current riding conditions improves overall rider experience and handling. The already excellent mechanical function in the steering damper is further improved by the Smart EC algorithms and the result is an ideal platform for any rider who wish to improve the performance on road as well as reduce the lap times on track. It allows the rider to apply the throttle with more confidence and feel reassured the extra stability will prevent head shakes and tank slappers. The experience of riding at race pace is also less physically demanding allowing the rider to focus on the riding, and reducing fatigue during a track session.

  • Öhlins Smart EC Software
  • Continuously adapting damping settings in real time
  • Reactive to speed and acceleration
  • Unique, well proven design
  • Pressurized fluid avoids any issue of free play
  • Improves riding experience

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