Rennsport Dragon Rally

Date & Time

June 12 - 14, 2020


The Tail of the Dragon

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"Our cars are meant to be driven, not polished." -Ferdinand Porsche

The Rennsport Dragon Rally was created to shout about all that is great with the Smoky Mountains; its roads, people, hospitality, scenery, the list goes on. We will look after you for a few days of great driving, sharing good company, and unlock some of the secrets of this very special place we call ‘home’

Our mission here is to bring you on a driving adventure like no other around the country. For this adventure we will be exploring the best back roads and some of the most gorgeous scenery our great country has to offer.

All of our events start at the Fontana Village Resort at a reserved event center or meeting room. Here, we will have a group driver's meeting, providing a full walk through of the drives to help orientate you on the journey. You will be given a comprehensive event guide describing in detail each of the drives and stops. Each event will be different., but we will always have some special activities planned. We will stage the cars for the drives and there will be a tour guide / lead car to create a fully guided group experience. There will little to no cell phone signal in these mountains, so the group will communicate with FRS walkie-talkies. On the Rennsport Dragon Rally, bring your car ready to drive, as you will spend many hours on multiple days, driving through the back roads of the Great Smoky Mountains! This event is all about the driving experience and the interaction between many fellow Porsche enthusiasts!



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