Service Department Shipping FAQ's

Q: How should I package my forks and shock?

A: Sturdy cardboard boxes are fine. The key is, don’t let your components flop around inside the box, that’s how parts get damaged. It’s best to wrap your suspension pieces in bubble wrap or corrugated paper, paying close attention to the brake caliper mounts on the lower end of forks; they have a nasty habit of poking thru boxes.


Q: Can I ship my forks in a gun case?

A: Please do not.  After repeated problems with fork legs falling out of broken cases, and/or tubes being damaged inside the case, we do not recommend using a gun case.  If you choose to use a gun case, Öhlins USA cannot be held responsible for the condition of your forks when shipped back to you.


Q: Can I ship my suspension packed in Styrofoam peanuts?

A: Yes, but if you do, we will automatically ship a case of Mountain Dew and a 4-week old puppy to your children! Seriously, Styrofoam peanuts make an incredible mess, and end up all over the floor. Please don’t use Styrofoam.


Q: Can I ship my suspension packed in broken up pieces of rigid Styrofoam?

A: No. The pieces quickly break apart during transit. By the time the package arrives, the Styrofoam is pulverized and your suspension components are flopping around loosely inside the box –if they stay in the box.


Q: Do you need any information from me?

A: YES! On the Ohlins USA website, please click “Service Department”, this will take you to a second page. Then, click the red “Service & Warranty form”. This is an interactive PDF that allows you to type in your info. Fill out the form as complete as possible, print it, and enclose it with your shipment

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