Öhlins TTX25 MkII

Öhlins understands the importance of relationships from beginning to end, from racers in training to experienced veterans. It’s for this reason that we offer the TTX25 MkII FSAE: a product centered in the Formula SAE/Formula student collegiate design organizations’ demands. The TTX25 MkII FSAE uses modern twin tube technology, in a small package. The 4-way externally adjustable damper is completely serviceable by the end user, and rebuild and revalve kits are available to make the task easy. Also, available are spring kits, spare parts, specialty tools, dynamometer plots, CAD models, and other technical information.



  • Overall length = 200 mm (center to center of spherical bearings, fully extended)
  • Stroke = 57 mm
  • Weight = approx. 448 g (~1 lb) without spring
  • Spherical Bearing dimensions:
  • ID = 8 mm
  • Ball Width = 8 mm
  • OD = 15 mm


Available Spring Rates:

  • 150 lb/in to 650 lb/in in 50lb/in increments


Spring Kits:

No Longer Available.


Rebuild Kit:

Kit includes all wear parts for one car set and 1 liter of Öhlins damper fluid.


Revalve Kit:

1/2 Car Kit Includes:

  • 4 - End Adjusters (small bleed hole diameter)
  • 4 - Adjustment Needles (small bleed hole diameter)
  • 8 - High Speed Valve Springs (4 -10 N/mm rate, 4 - 20 N/mm rate, 4 - 30 N/mm rate)


Technical Information:


Service Tools:

  • Spring Preload Adjustment Tool
  • Spherical Bearing Tool Assembly
  • Valve Seat Driver
  • End Piece Assembly Block
  • IFP Setting Tool
  • Shaft Vice
  • Seal Head Install Sleeve
  • Fill Needle Assembly
  • Pin Spanner (Seal Head)
  • Reservoir end cap disassembly tool

   Tool Needed for Rebuild

   Tool Needed for Revalve

   Tool Needed for Both

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